Long Beach City IAM Barganing Unit Members Win At PERB


Another Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) victory has just been handed to Long Beach City IAM Bargaining Unit numbers. This victory was an outsourcing victory where the City tried to take union jobs away by bringing in a private contractor to do their work. Thanks to the vigilant, caring and concerned IAM members, and their Business Rep. Dave Sterling, together they were able to undo what the City had in place.


The City failed in its responsibility to Meet and Confer with the Union about outsourcing the printing of parking tickets, thereby violating Meyers Millas Brown Act, which is the labor law for Public Employees. Business Representative Dave Sterling’s testimony was absolutely paramount in establishing that the IAM was never given notice of the changes and only learned of the changes months after the City had already contracted it out.  Dave also cut through layers of confusion the City was trying to create about the budget process; the judge credited Dave’s testimony over the City’s, which helped lead to this victory. This was a team effort and it goes to show that when members speak up and speak out together with the Public Sector IAM Representatives and District leadership, we can make a difference in the work place.

Union Counsel “As part of the remedy, the City has to rescind its contract with Data Ticket Inc. and bargain from square one if they want to proceed with contracting out the printing.  This is a great remedy because the City has to tear up the entire contract — this covers a whole range of classifications beyond the Systems Techs which we were focusing on.”



Updated: October 24, 2016 — 3:28 pm