If you’re interested in serving on a District or Local Lodge Committee, please email us at Include your name, where you work, and the name of the committee you’d like to join.  


Organizing Bring the benefits of union membership to the unorganized within the jurisdictional boundaries of the District Lodge.
Legislative Keep informed on legislation affecting the interests of the trade union movement.
Women’s and   Human Rights Keep up with changes in regulations affecting working families.  Key issues include child care initiatives, equal opportunities for people of color and safe working conditions, to name a few.
MNPL Fundraising Gathers individual voluntary contributions. May be involved in coordinating political activity.
Education Educate members on the union and its activities.
Communications Keep members informed of union goals, programs, and issues important to working families.
Community Services Help members get needed services within the union or community.
Bylaws Review proposed bylaw amendments and make appropriate recommendations.
Budget and Finance Examine and audit the lodge books and accounts.
Retirees /            Senior Workers Attend monthly meetings, keep informed on issues affecting retired and senior workers.