Long Beach City Council Votes to Explore a $15 Minimum Wage – article by L.A. Co. Federation of Labor

BR Nicolas Fernandez and Organizer Jesus Raya stand with Long Beach Employees to raise minumun wage at City Hall Plaza

IAM Business Rep Nicolas Fernandez, Organizer Jesus Raya and 6th District City Council Member Dee Andrews stand with City of Long Beach employees and local residents at City Hall Plaza in support of raising the minimum wage to $15/hr. (click on photo to enlarge)

With a unanimous 9-0 vote, Long Beach’s elected leaders last week put their city on track for a $15 minimum wage!

The Raise the Wage Coalition advocated for Long Beach to develop similar standards pursued by both L.A. City and County with strong enforcement against wage theft and for additional paid sick days.

Before the vote, workers joined elected leaders outside Long Beach City Hall to share their stories on how a raise in the minimum wage with strong enforcement would impact them.

During the hearing, many spoke specifically about the need for strong enforcement. A truck driver who worked 70 hours one week and ended up owing his employer money said negative paychecks are routine at the port.

Work may have started in Long Beach, but it is not done yet. If you haven’t already, please visit and join in the fight to #RaiseAndEnforce15.

Updated: September 4, 2015 — 11:14 pm
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