Long Beach City Council Meeting 7-7-15

In case you missed it here is a clip of our Chief Negotiator Richard Suarez giving the Mayor, City Council, and City management and the community at large, some simple facts and figures related to our contract negotiation. His brief yet impactful comments softened them up and our esteemed Pat Mangum (Shop Steward/Negotiator) knocked them down with her impassioned talk of how much the City is paying for the law firm hired to handle our Negotiations. So much in fact that they removed the agenda item which was seeking to give the law firm another $200,000 to the later part of the meeting. But when it came up Al Austin amended it to only $75,000 with a stipulation that it needs to be dealt with. Great job Richard and Pat! This is giving us a lot of momentum going in to next week’s big rally on the 14th!

Updated: September 4, 2015 — 11:14 pm
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