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Why Join a Union?

New members are what keeps our union alive and powerful. Without new members and with companies constantly downsizing, closing, and relocating, our union membership numbers would steadily decline.

The importance of unions in the workplace is vital. Unions protect the worker from unfair treatment. Unions negotiate for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

If you know of anyone working without union protection and they may be interested in learning more about union membership please contact the District Office at (562) 427-8900.

How To Join The IAM

Joining the IAM is a simple process.

Step 1:  The first step is signing an Authorization Card (or A-Card). Signing the A-card, which your employer will not see, is a statement that you would like the opportunity to have an election in which the employees vote whether they want a union or not. For an election to be held, 65% of the workforce needs to sign an A-Card.



Step 2:  The IAM will file for an election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Workers will then get the opportunity to vote by secret ballot to determine if the majority of the workers at that location want to be represented by a Union. Joining a union is your legal right!

Step 3:  The IAM will negotiate a contract alongside your coworkers that creates legally binding terms and conditions of employment. You will get the opportunity to let your voice be heard and shape what you want your workplace to look like. You and your coworkers will then vote to either accept or reject the contract.

Beware of the anti-union campaign: Your employer will do everything in their power to scare and intimidate you throughout the process. They will warn you about having to pay Union dues and going on strike.

The reality is, you won’t pay a dime until after your vote to accept the contract. And within the IAM, strikes only happen 2% of the time we sit down to negotiate a contract. The other 98% of the time, we reach an agreement that provides a stable future for the workers and their families.



To set up a meeting to begin organizing, or to receive an A Card, get in touch with Felix and or Jesus today!


FELIX OSUNA (562) 254-3016 /

JESUS RAYA (323) 273-6796 /


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