A Voice or No Voice?

The Choice is Yours!





Brothers and Sisters,

After the last election, the Machinists Union filed several Unfair Practice Charges with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). We charged the City with multiple violations during the voting process. ALBE also expressed concerns about the City’s conduct but did nothing about it except complain. The IAM took action and forced the City to re-run the election. Our ability and experience in defending workers is a stark contrast to an Association that just points at problems – the IAM fixes them.

Because of the IAM efforts, the City will be mailing a voters packet to your home on Monday June 13th. During the last election one of the biggest problems was that the packets were not properly identified; several reports came to us about members tossing them in the garbage because they thought it was junk mail.

There is no doubt about whether this membership needs representation. The illegal tactics and delays in bargaining are only the start of what the City would do if you had no Union. If you vote not to keep the IAM, the City will have full authority to implement any changes that they dream up – the stakes are too high to make a mistake. The IAM has been representing workers since 1888, and is backed by the full strength and resources of the AFL-CIO.

The choice is simple:

The IAM                                                                 No Union/Association

  • Full time Business Representatives                           NO
  • Full time Legal Counsel at NO Charge                      NO
  • Safety and Health Department on YOUR side           NO
  • Strike fund of over $50 Million                                    NO
  • PERB Attorney at NO Charge                                    NO
  • Civil Service Attorney at NO Charge                          NO
  • Education and Training at NO Charge                       NO
  • Political and Legislative Department                          NO
  • Government Employees Department                         NO
  • Women’s & Human Rights Department                     NO
  • Strategic Resources Department                               NO

Vote Wisely, Your Future Depends on it!

Updated: June 8, 2016 — 4:50 pm
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